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Where did all my friends go šŸ˜©

I’m quite sad right now

And I ruined it already.

I feel sad and ugly and fat and lonely so Iā€™m gonna go exercise

I literally don’t know what to do when I make eye contact with cute people

It’s kind of annoying when you make a big deal that I ordered a lot. There’s literally no one else in the building or in the drive-thru, so please stop complaining. I’m sorry I’m making you actually do your job..

If you break my trust, I will honestly probably forgive you really easily, because if you ever had it, I really care about you.

I love volleyball more than people

I miss my old house

I’m always worried I’m not good enough for anyone and that I’ll be forgotten.

Where the hell are my friends at?

I really miss too many people…

I just got home and I’m so tired I’m ready for bed already

Feeling like shit 100% of the time anymore

Murphy’s Law is in full swing today.