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I had a dream I weighed 30 more pounds than I actually do, and I literally started crying hysterically in my dream.

Weddings make me do happy tbh.
I wish all of my friends could just get married already.

I hope you’re not as sad as you looked

Being ugly is really an inconvenience.

People who don’t get to know you because of what people have told them are my least favorite kind of people.

Does anyone actually use Google+? 

I love butts soooo much tbh

I literally rolled my eyes at my manager today 😒

I have been so out of it lately I just don’t know anymore

I’ve used 20gb of data this month

What happened to all the good people in my life

I just saw a quote that pretty much said that you have no control when you die or how, but you have a choice how you live, and if you don’t like how you’re living then change it.
I’ve been living like shit and I wanna change it. I want to enjoy myself and have a good time and see places and meet people and live! So I’m gonna.